How to Choose the Perfect Grave Monument for Your Loved One

Choosing a grave monument for your loved one is an important decision. After all, it will be a lasting tribute to their memory that will potentially stand for hundreds of years. It's essential that you make a well-informed choice when selecting a monument so you can best honour the life and legacy of your beloved family member or friend.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Monument

The type of material

When choosing a grave monument, there are several factors you will want to consider. First, determine what type of material you want your monument made from. Granite is the most common material used for monuments because it is highly durable and weather-resistant. Other materials include marble, bronze, and sandstone. Each material offers different advantages and disadvantages, so do some research before deciding which material is right for you.

The size

Next, consider the size of the monument. Most people choose a traditional headstone that stands upright with space for engravings on both sides. However, if there's limited space available at the cemetery plot or if you're looking for something more unique, flat grave markers may be better suited to your needs. Monuments in other shapes, such as crosses or hearts, can make an impactful statement about your loved one's life story and the faith they had.

The level of customisation

Finally, decide on how much customisation you would like in terms of engraving designs and words of remembrance on the monument itself. Monuments usually have room for personalisation, such as names, dates of birth and death, meaningful quotes or phrases, images or symbols representing hobbies or interests, etc. You may even want to consult with an experienced stone mason who can help design something truly special just for your loved one's memorial stone.


Selecting a memorial stone should reflect both your individual style and budget while preserving the memory of your beloved family member or friend in a respectful manner that honours their life story in perpetuity, which can be no small feat! With these tips in mind, you can feel confident in making an informed decision when choosing the perfect grave monument for your loved one's final resting place. If you would like some more information or advice, contact a local funeral home or manufacturer that supplies grave monuments.

For more information about grave monuments, reach out to a local supplier or visit a shop that offers different options.