How to Lower the Cost of a Funeral Service

Everything is getting more expensive these days, and that goes for funerals as well. A typical funeral now costs as much as buying a pretty good used car, and most families simply cannot afford it. As a result, more people are taking up funeral insurance to ensure that their families are protected from these high funeral costs, particularly in the event of a sudden death.

Since it isn't possible for everyone to take up funeral insurance, especially with all the other premiums they have to pay, how can such families lower the cost of funeral services for their loved ones?

Tip#1: Find a low-priced funeral home

Remember that all funeral homes are businesses looking to make the highest possible profits, and just like any other business; you can get better deals for your pocket at low-end shops than high-end ones. The same applies to funeral homes. Low-prices don't mean lower quality of work; you'll certainly get all you need for a funeral.

Tip#2: Take a good look at the package

Most funeral homes will offer a package deal where they offer to do everything for you from getting the necessary paperwork and permits down to the smallest details like hiring doves for release.

All this sounds good when you're exhausted from grief, but it all costs money. You should look through all the contents of this package deal and exclude what you can do yourself and what is not necessary. Any funeral home that doesn't allow you to do this is one you shouldn't be in business with.

Tip#3: Learn the facts about decomposition

Here are the facts: there are no special linings in caskets that preserve a body. There are no burial vaults or grave liners that prevent decomposition. Embalming is expensive and works only for a little while.

There are affordable options to preserve the body such as refrigeration, which most hospitals and funeral homes can do for little or no charge. In addition, most funeral homes put only their most expensive caskets on display with all those features that supposedly preserve a body. Don't assume that what they have on display is all they have. Make sure to ask if you can take a look at some of their cheaper caskets without all the trappings.

Burial vaults and grave liners help to keep the ground from caving in as the casket deteriorates over time. You can choose either of them based on the kind of reinforcement the burial site needs. Depending on your state's laws, it may or may not be a requirement to have either reinforcement, so find out if you really need it before your funeral service provider makes you think you do.

Tip#4: Don't be shy about negotiating

Don't be shy to negotiate and ask for discounts, which they are often willing to give. There is no shame in wanting to send off your loved one in a respectable yet affordable manner.