Choosing material for a green coffin

Funerals are a way of honouring a deceased loved one for the last time. Planning one in a time of grief might be terrible, but it's a chance to celebrate the deceased's life and everything they were as a person. One of the most important choices among all the choices your funeral service is offering is the choice of which coffin to get. If you want to make this celebration of your loved one's life as environmentally friendly as possible to create something living out of the passing of your loved one, there are many green coffins available. You can ask your funeral service about these options when you get in touch with them, but before making the choice of using a green coffin, you might want to know a little bit more about the most common materials to be able to make an informed decision.  


Green caskets can be made from many different materials. For you to be able to choose, you need to evaluate how you want the coffin to look, how much it can cost, and what properties you want it to have. One of the most popular choices for green coffins is bamboo as it is a quite common material that isn't very expensive. If you want to purchase a bamboo coffin, you should make sure the funeral service or retailer has information on how the bamboo has been grown. The retailer should be able to ensure that the bamboo has been produced with the regrowth of the bamboo in mind.


Another option is to get a coffin made from willow. This material is usually slightly darker than bamboo. It's also lighter to carry, which can lower shipment costs if you have to purchase them from a retailer far away. Willow is also a material that is more flexible than bamboo, which can open up for more intricate coffin designs.

Sea grass

Another option is sea grass. This might seem like a surprising option as grass itself isn't very sturdy and not really suitable to build something that will house a human body. However, when the grass fibres are woven, it creates a texture similar to fabric, but with the sturdy properties of wood. The grass usually turns brown when it's being woven as the grass dries, but depending on the grass, it might come out with a variety of different hues. Sea grass coffins are similar to coffins made from banana leaves, but are usually cheaper as it is a more common material. It is an even lighter material than both bamboo and willow as well, which can make both shipping and handling easier.

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