Saying Goodbye: 5 Ways to Personalise a Funeral

When you need to say goodbye to a loved one who has passed away, you want the funeral service to be reflection of their personality. Funerals need to be a way to celebrate the life of your loved one and to be a fitting tribute to their time on earth. It's not so difficult to add a few highly effective personal touches to a funeral service, and you will find that funeral directors at places like Tony Hollands Funerals will be highly accommodating. So what are some of these easy ways in which you can make a funeral a true reflection of your loved one's life?

1. Seeing Their Smiling Face

Find a nice photo of the departed and download it to a USB stick or a disc. Take the storage device to a print shop and have them print the photo in poster size. This poster can be prominently placed next to the coffin (an artist's easel allows the poster to be freestanding if there is not a convenient wall), and it's as though the smiling face of the deceased is there to say goodbye.

2. A Goodbye Letter

This can be therapeutic for children as it allows them to say goodbye to the deceased using their own words. Some adults might also find it to be helpful. Write a letter to the deceased, telling them how special they were to you and how they enriched your life. The letters can then be placed inside the coffin and buried or cremated. It's as though the departed leaves this earth with your words of love, and it can be highly beneficial when it comes to the grieving process.

3. Their Favourite Music

A hymn can be the traditional musical accompaniment to a funeral service, yet unless the hymn was a favourite of the deceased, it might not be the most appropriate choice. Choose a few of the deceased's favourite songs and arrange for them to be played at the commencement of the service. It doesn't matter if it's bouncy pop music or an angry-sounding rap, just so long as it was a piece of music that was special to the deceased, which makes it an ideal choice.

4. Their Favourite Book

The reading of a poem or a religious text can also be quite traditional to the proceedings. While it might seem apt for the circumstances, you need to think about whether the text has any true relevance to the life of the departed. You might want to think about reading a passage from their favourite book, a book that meant a lot to them.

5. A Goodbye Meal

Most funerals will include a catered reception. This might be a catered affair or you might make the food yourself. Finger food and canapés are generally provided, as opposed to a sit-down meal. Why not plan a menu that features the favourite foods of the deceased? BBQ ribs and rice paper rolls might not be seen too often at funeral receptions, but it can be a way of paying tribute to the deceased. It's as though you're enjoying their favourite food in their presence for one last time.

Funerals are never easy, but by adding a few personal touches you will find that a standard funeral can be elevated to a true celebration of your loved one's life.