Digital Services Funeral Homes Offer that You May not Know About

When you begin planning your funeral, you may not be aware of the digital services some funeral homes and funeral directors are offering. There is a misconception that funeral directors only handle services in a one on one consultation or face to face manner. The truth is, digital services are becoming increasingly popular as a way to offer more flexibility for not only you as the client but also your family members. Here are some of the digital services you may not know about that your funeral home offers.

Live Funeral Streaming

One of the leading digital services you may not be aware of for your funeral is live streaming. This service is ideal for your funeral if you have family and friends who can not make it to the service. The streaming ability allows them to watch the funeral service as it happens and watch the graveside service as well, if you have that capability. You can also add to this service by having a station set up for streaming calls into the funeral. This allows people who can't attend to pay respects to the family, even if they are thousands of miles away.

Online Funeral Planning

You may realise you need to go through the process of funeral pre-planning, but you can't make it for the planning consultation during business hours. In fact, this is the situation for many people with work and family obligations. One solution is to work with funeral directors or funeral homes that offer you can offer a digital service of online funeral planning. This service allows you to use funeral planning services in the comfort of your own home. You can choose the options you want, payment options, upgrades and ask questions. A follow-up call is generally provided to ensure that the choices the funeral home received are the ones you are ready to move forward with.

Document Assistance

In some cases, you may need the funeral directors and funeral home to help you navigate the end of life document process. This means helping with questions regarding wills, probate and other issues. You should look for funeral directors that have a legal consultant on their staff. In most cases, the legal consultant can offer digital services to help you navigate through the end of life documents and legal paperwork you will face. This assistance can be done through face to face online consultations, such as digital phone calls. You can also use a webform to list what you need, and the legal consultant can contact you at a scheduled time through digital call services.

These are just a few of the digital services that you may not be aware your funeral directors or funeral home offer. If you think any of these ideas will work well for you and your funeral planning process, contact your local funeral director. They can let you know about the digital service they have as well as other services that may work well for you.