Three Unique Ways to Memorialise a Loved One

Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult parts of the human journey. When it happens, you are left with a feeling of loss and the inability to let the deceased go. Well, perhaps the best way to deal with this loss is by not trying to forget but by finding a way to celebrate their life and remembering them in ways they would have loved to be remembered. Here are three great ideas on how to memorialise a loved one. 

Ask Guests to Share a Memory

Wakes are normally a sad affair. The most touching part is usually the eulogy by the family members. However, it is possible to change the focus from mourning the deceased to celebrating their life. Here, you ask all the guests that will attend the wake of the requiem mass to think of a positive memory they shared with the departed soul and write it down. As every guest shares their positive experience with the person, even the family members will leave the funeral in higher spirits when they hear the positive interaction their kin had with those around them. You can even go a step further and have the guests write down the memories and frame them afterwards.

Make a Permanent Memorial With Funeral Flowers

Competent funeral support service providers offer services to continue comforting the bereaved family, even after the funeral. One of the best approaches that they make is holding seminars and meetings where therapists listen to the members talk about how they are coping with grief and offer the family other support services. The homes also teach simple crafts like preserving funeral flowers taken home from the deceased's service in creative displays. When you keep a part of your departed family member in your memory, it becomes easy to overcome grief.

Create a Unique Casket

Most people are used to getting a ready-made casket that fits the size of the departed. However, it is possible to create a unique casket that reflects the hobbies, preferences and the likes of the deceased. You can also have a custom-made and decorated urn to hold the ashes of your loved one after cremation.

Funeral home directors are in business to make sure that all your needs are met when you are memorialising a loved one. It is your responsibility to make sure that you express your deepest desires to them and have them create a memorial worth remembering for your loved one. The essential part is looking for a trusted and competent funeral director for the process. 

Contact a local funeral home for more information on planning a memorial for your loved one.