3 Questions to Help You Choose a Monument Headstone for the Deceased

Losing a loved one is the most traumatising things to happen to anyone. But when it happens, one must do anything possible to give the deceased a decent send-off and get something to remind them about the good life they shared with them. A good headstone is among the things you shouldn't forget when planning a memorial service for your loved one. Monument headstones come in different styles, and family members choose them based on various aspects. If getting a monument headstone isn't easy for you, seek help from a funeral director. Here are questions to guide you when choosing a monument headstone.

How Should It Be Designed?

Headstones are designed in different ways, and aspects like cost and preference determine the design you choose. Some people choose the upright headstones, especially if they want to integrate both limestone and granite. Most people choose standing headstones because of their solid base and ability to make the inscription visible. For people who don't want a complicated style, a flat monument headstone will do. If you are after something unique, you can choose a kerbed headstone since it has a flower bed at the base.

What Inscription Should the Headstone Bear?

Before you choose a monument headstone, consider the inscription it will bear. Some people choose the inscription that should appear on their headstone while still alive while others die with no idea of the inscription the headstone should bear. The font you use could depend on the words or message you want to inscribe on the headstone. If you don't want to use a religious text on the gravestone, you can use some of the widely used encouragement phrases or even poetry lines. Since you can't summarise the deceased's life on the gravestone, encapsulate the most critical virtues you want others to learn from them.

What Material Is the Most Suitable for the Headstone?

Different materials can be used to make a monument headstone. Although most people choose granite, you could still go for a gravestone made of bronze or limestone. Besides being a flexible stone, granite is also durable, and it accommodates different finishes. If you want a fantastic finish, choose marble for your gravestone. Most materials with questionable durability and strength aren't allowed in burial sites, and that's why you should first check with the right authorities before you choose the material for your gravestone.

Choosing a good monument headstone has everything to do with the materials, inscription and design. Visit the gravestone experts and see a finished headstone to know what will work for you. Once you ask yourself the above questions, finding the right gravestone will not be wearisome.