3 Ideas for Creating a Unique Memorial

It is difficult not to marvel at the sea of beautiful stone memorials in cemeteries. Notably, most are intricately designed by professionals to match the aesthetic needs of customers. Therefore, most people believe that creating a uniquely beautiful memorial is complicated. However, nothing could be further from the truth because creating unique monuments only requires the right ideas. Here are beautiful memorial customisation ideas that you can try for your loved one's grave. 

Bench Memorials

Incorporating a bench in a memorial is one of the most exciting and unique headstone designs you will encounter. Not only are bench memorials aesthetically appealing, but they serve multiple functions. For instance, bench memorials allow a family member to have an intimate relationship with the deceased's resting place. The reason is that you can lie on the bench during your visits and reflect. Additionally, a bench memorial acts as a resting platform for a visitor that feels overwhelmed and cannot stand up for long. That said, you must select the right stone for a bench memorial. For example, in addition to being aesthetically appealing and blending well with the environment; it should also be strong enough to accommodate an adult's weight.  

Use Fieldstones

Quarry-produced headstones are attractive to most people because of the professionalism that goes into designing them. However, most mass-produced quarry headstones are similar, which might not work for customers looking for uniqueness. Although it is easy to look past fieldstones when looking for a unique headstone, they make excellent candidates for grave monuments. It can be attributed to the unique nature of earth-shaped fieldstones. Therefore, take a walk around your community and look at the fieldstones lying around. Choose one and have it sawed to your preferred size by a mason. You can rest assured that your fieldstone memorial will be one of a kind, not to mention the most affordable. 

Mix and Match Stones

Who said you must use one type of stone for your loved one's memorial? Although most people prefer the simplicity of a single stone type, you should not restrict yourself. Mixing and matching two or three different stones for a single memorial is another strategy for creating a unique headstone. The different colours and patterns on each stone create a distinctive headstone design that stands out from the rest. However, ensure that the different rocks blend nicely rather than putting together a haphazard combination.   

Talk to a funeral home to get more memorial ideas.