Top Tips for Choosing a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan Provider

Death is an unavoidable part of life; therefore, the only way to comprehend it is to talk about it. In fact, Aussies have been encouraged to plan their funerals while still alive due to the openness and awareness of death, and the benefits are apparent to all. Notably, some service providers offer pre-paid funeral planning. However, if you are looking for a pre-paid funeral plan provider, you should be prepared to absorb a lot of information. This article provides insight into choosing a suitable service provider.

Detailed Safeguards -- Pre-paid funeral plan providers are companies just like any other. As a result, they are not immune to factors that drive enterprises to fail. Therefore, you should know what would happen if a company went down. Unfortunately, most individuals assume that their contributions will be safe with a long-established service provider. Thus, they do not bother to talk about the safeguards a provider has in place to protect their investment. It is a dangerous strategy since it puts you at risk of losing a lot of money if a company goes out of business. Therefore, before you begin making payments, take time to read and understand a coverage plan. For instance, a reputable provider should indicate if they will transfer your money to another provider or revert it to your estate should they go out of business.

Membership in Professional Body -- Some pre-paid funeral plan providers are independent businesses that give unmatched services to clients who want to plan their funerals in the future. On the other hand, other service providers are members of a professional organisation like the Australian Funeral Directors Association or the Funeral Planning Authority. Due to their stringent regulations, it is preferable to purchase a pre-paid funeral plan from a provider who is a member of one of the professional bodies. It means that a service provider follows a code of conduct that ensures professional service and transparent complaint procedures. If you choose an independent provider, your only option is to go through the courts, which might take months, if not years.

Reputable Investment -- When you purchase a pre-paid funeral plan from a provider, you must inquire whether the funds are held in a bank or invested. Most providers put their clients' money into a trust fund or an insurance policy. If your plan calls for your money to be put into a trust, confirm that the trust deed specifies that the money is only meant to cater for future funeral costs. To avoid conflict of interests, trustees who are not affiliated with a plan provider should oversee the trust.

Discuss these concerns with a funeral home to have peace of mind about your pre-paid funeral