Two Unusual Ways of Scattering Your Loved One’s Ashes

If a member of your family has recently passed away and you wish to have them cremated, most funeral services will be able to help you to arrange a funeral ceremony where family and friends can pay their last respects, read passages or share their memories. However, once the cremation is completed, many people struggle to work out what they should do with the deceased's ashes. If you do not wish to keep the ashes in an urn, you may wish to scatter them. Read More 

Saying Goodbye: 5 Ways to Personalise a Funeral

When you need to say goodbye to a loved one who has passed away, you want the funeral service to be reflection of their personality. Funerals need to be a way to celebrate the life of your loved one and to be a fitting tribute to their time on earth. It's not so difficult to add a few highly effective personal touches to a funeral service, and you will find that funeral directors at places like Tony Hollands Funerals will be highly accommodating. Read More 

Choosing material for a green coffin

Funerals are a way of honouring a deceased loved one for the last time. Planning one in a time of grief might be terrible, but it's a chance to celebrate the deceased's life and everything they were as a person. One of the most important choices among all the choices your funeral service is offering is the choice of which coffin to get. If you want to make this celebration of your loved one's life as environmentally friendly as possible to create something living out of the passing of your loved one, there are many green coffins available. Read More 

Benefits of Appointing a Funeral Director

Losing someone you care about is a very devastating thing, and when it happens, you may need all the assistance you can get as regards to giving them a decent send-off. That's where funeral directors usually come in handy; they can help you plan every aspect of the funeral service, making it easier for you to mourn for your loss. Even though there's nothing preventing you from having a DIY funeral, the following pointers reveal why it is important to use funeral directors during the difficult funeral process. Read More 

Direct Burial or Cremation?: Making Funeral Arrangements

When it comes to making arrangements for a loved-one's final journey, many people these days are choosing direct cremation or direct burial, rather than a traditional funeral.  But what does direct cremation/burial entail?  Read on to find out more as you make your funeral arrangements.  What is direct cremation/burial? As the term suggests, direct cremation or burial means that the body of the deceased is removed to the crematorium or burial place without the preamble of a funeral service. Read More