Three Unique Ways to Memorialise a Loved One

Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult parts of the human journey. When it happens, you are left with a feeling of loss and the inability to let the deceased go. Well, perhaps the best way to deal with this loss is by not trying to forget but by finding a way to celebrate their life and remembering them in ways they would have loved to be remembered. Read More 

Is Headstone Restoration Crucial?

Purchasing a headstone for a deceased loved one is not merely about marking their grave. This monument is as a form of remembrance for the deceased's life too. But what a majority of people do not know is that they can have this gravestone cared for professionally. Instead, they let the elements take their toll, and over time, the headstone is not even a semblance of what it was before. What you should know about headstone restoration is that it is essential to keep it in good form for various reasons. Read More 

Digital Services Funeral Homes Offer that You May not Know About

When you begin planning your funeral, you may not be aware of the digital services some funeral homes and funeral directors are offering. There is a misconception that funeral directors only handle services in a one on one consultation or face to face manner. The truth is, digital services are becoming increasingly popular as a way to offer more flexibility for not only you as the client but also your family members. Read More 

4 reasons why you should hire a funeral planner

Nobody likes to consider, think, or talk about death mostly because of the grief and pain that comes with it. Most people would rather tuck that thought far away and only consider death in hindsight. However, even though the death of a loved one is a harrowing and personal affair, we all crave to give our loved ones a farewell that is a reflection of our love. It is for this reason that you should consider hiring a funeral planner during the trying times to help you organize and plan the memorial and funeral service of your loved one. Read More 

Choosing the Perfect Photo for a Cemetery Monument

Stone cemetery monuments have been used for hundreds of years to mark the final resting places of lost loved ones. They haven't really changed a great deal in all that time because the name of the person, the dates they were alive and a few meaningful words is about as perfect a formula as you can get. One popular recent innovation, however, is the addition of a photograph. Not everyone chooses to have a photo on their loved one's headstone, but it's becoming increasingly common as an extra way to make the monument personal and unique. Read More